Zinc Electroplating Capabilities

At a time when many custom parts producers cannot offer in house zinc electroplating due to increasingly tighter environmental standards, Master takes pride in providing this vital final process.  With in house testing facilities for plate thickness and salt spray corrosion plus a computer controlled line, Master produces only top quality zinc electroplated parts, along with supplemental RoHS compliant chromates. 

Capitalizing on over 35 years of experience, Master can offer quick turnaround, shorter lead times and competitive pricing.  Our certified quality and environmental systems are a critical foundation to providing you with peace of mind when it comes to zinc electroplating.

We are also one of the few captive zinc electroplating operations that accepts outside work, meaning we can plate your existing steel parts.  The same quality, delivery and cost effective advantages apply to your zinc electroplating needs.  Contact us for details.

Zinc Electroplating Capabilities:

Zinc Type

Acid Chloride

Line Type

Automated Barrel

Barrel Line Type

Computer controlled time, temperature and voltage

Barrel Size

18″ x 36″


150 pounds


A few thousand to millions of pieces

Plating Thickness

.00015″ to .0005″

Salt Spray Resistance

72 hours to white rust, 120+ hours to red rust

Lead Time

Normal 7 to 10 day, expedited available


Trivalent (Hex Free) and RoHS Compliant

Supplemental Treatment

Sealers for added protection, colored dyes for color coding and baking for hydrogen embrittlement relief

Environmental Considerations

On site water and waste treatment facility satisfying local, state and federal requirements. ISO 9001:certified  (PDF)


On site laboratory testing for plating thickness, adhesion, salt spray corrosion and chemical solution control. IATF 16949 Certified Quality Systems (PDF)


Thin but effective functional coating for corrosion protection of steel parts with attractive appearance.

Zinc Plating Advantages

Cost effective, practical, attractive, low impact to dimensional characteristics

The Master Mfg. Advantage

30 years experience, low cost, quick turnaround, central Midwestern location, certified quality and environmental systems