Beginning with our customer’s automotive specifications, Master Manufacturing Co., Inc. undertook this custom ratcheting metal clip project, designed for use in an interior trim automotive applications. We began design using CATIA, and then moved on to manufacturing prototypes. After we finished with the prototyping stage of the project, we were ready to begin stamping.

Using our specially designed tooling, we set about stamping the order of z-axis ratcheting metal clips. Made from 0.025″ thick C 1050 spring steel, we primarily used a S3F four-slide during manufacturing, and finished each clip with a zinc electroplate hex-free chromate material. We also applied an austemper heat treatment as a secondary procedure. Throughout manufacturing we upheld a tight tolerance of .005″.

After manufacturing we conducted several tests to guarantee our clips could withstand their environment: a Rockwell hardness test, a salt spray test, and a humidity test. After inspection and packaging the components to our customers’ weekly production requirements, the parts began delivery in accordance with our client’s just-in-time delivery system to Michigan, Texas, and Mexico. The entire project took 6 weeks to complete from design to production.

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 Ratcheting Metal Clip Specifications

Capabilities Applied/Processes Engineering Design, Prototypes, Stamping
Tightest Tolerance .005″
Material Thickness 0.025″
Material Used C 1050 Spring Steel
Material Finish Zinc Electroplate Hex Free Chromate
Secondary Operations Applied Austemper Heat Treatment
Industry for use Automotive
Annual Volume 1,500,000
Delivery Time Just-In-Time
Lead-time 6 weeks to production
Delivery Location Michigan / Texas / Mexico
Standards Met Customer supplied automotive specifications
Product Name Z axis ratcheting metal clip
Project Scope Design, build tooling, and manufacture assembly application
Design Work CATIA
Testing Application Rockwell Hardness / Salt Spray / Humidity
Tooling Produce tooling within Master’s Tool & Die Facility
Manufacturing Application Four-Slide and Punch Press