At Master Manufacturing Co., Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to produce in-house custom tooling. When a client came to us looking for a custom metal doorstop bracket for use in an appliance, we worked with our client to meet their specific requirements from design through assembly. Using AutoCad for the design, we built specific tooling at our facility.

Manufactured from C1050 spring steel ranging from 0.045″ to 0.075″ in thickness, we used an 110T Punch Press for stamping. Once each doorstop was complete through our manufacturing process, we applied several corrosion protective finishes including zinc electroplating, black fluorocarbon paint, and a black E coat. Each component also received an Austemper heat treatment and throughout the process, the tightest tolerance we upheld was 0.005″.

Per our customer’s specifications, we conducted and met all Rockwell hardness, salt spray, and humidity testing which ensures the doorstops’ integrity. We then shipped the weekly customer requirements to meet the 3,000,000 piece annual volume using a just-in-time delivery system. To learn more about this project and other Master Manufacturing services, please contact us.



 Doorstop Bracket Specifications

Capabilities Applied/Processes Engineering Design, Prototypes, Stamping
Tightest Tolerance .005″
Material Thickness 0.045″ to 0.075″
Material Used C 1050 Spring Steel
Material Finish Zinc Electroplate, Black Fluorocarbon Paint, Black E Coat
Secondary Operations Applied Austemper Heat Treatment
Industry for use Appliance
Annual Volume 3,000,000
Delivery Time Just-In-Time
Lead-time 6 weeks to production
Delivery Location Texas / Mexico / Arkansas
Standards Met Customer supplied appliance specifications
Product Name Door Stop
Project Scope Design, build tooling, and manufacture assembly application
Design Work AutoCad
Testing Application Rockwell Hardness / Salt Spray / Humidity
Tooling Produce tooling within Master’s Tool & Die Facility
Manufacturing Application Four-Slide and Punch Press